Daily Archives: October 23, 2013

A Fall Day On The OBX

Recently, Motor Man and I made a quick, one-day trip to the Outer Banks.

Although I always love taking pictures, this was one of those days custom-made for photography.

clouds 9-26-2013 1-42-33 PM

There were a few horses on the beach.

horses and fisherman 9-26-2013 1-13-38 PM

Oops! One more – running to catch up to the others.

horse1 9-26-2013 1-12-22 PM

Disclaimer: these pictures were taken with my “long” lens, and then cropped.

horse 2 9-26-2013 1-12-23 PM

It’s sort of the reverse of what’s written on rear view mirrors:

horse3 9-26-2013 1-17-29 PM

…”objects seen here appear closer than they really are”.