Daily Archives: October 8, 2013

The Inaugural “These Barns”

(Last week, we learned that the Barn Charm meme was ending.  However, I see no chance that Motor Man and I, during our travels, will stop seeking out barns. So unless/until Barn Charm is reborn, I’ll share photos here on Tuesdays of barns that we find, and will title them “These Barns”.)

During our trip to Martinsville last weekend, we took a few back roads and found some barns, including these two in this pretty setting.


It’s so nice to see homeowners taking pride in their property. I love the charm of three tobacco baskets hanging on the side of the barn.

barn - tobacco baskets

I’m sad to not be linking up to Barn Charm this week, and I’m probably not alone. It was a favorite meme for many bloggers and their readers.