Daily Archives: October 25, 2013

Busy And Fun….But Bloggable?

Ever since I began blogging three years ago, These Days has been an important part of my life. I’m constantly on the look-out for things to photograph and share with my readers. (Motor Man and Marshall are quick to recognize and suggest an opportunity too.)

But, recently, I’ve been struggling to think of blog topics.

bride swan1 9-14-2013 7-10-55 AM

Oh, our everyday lives are as happy and busy as ever.

bride swan2 9-14-2013 7-10-59 AM

But there just doesn’t seem to be anything happening that’s interesting enough to build a blog post around. Perhaps all bloggers hit a “dry spell” occasionally. This has always been fun, and  I just don’t want it to become a chore.

bride swan3 9-14-2013 7-12-06 AM

I’m still planning to continue to post daily, but if I should skip a day once in awhile, there’s no cause for alarm.

bride swan4 9-14-2013 7-12-09 AM

I just don’t want you to be bored when you stop by for a visit.

Happy Weekend! (Now we‘re out to find something bloggable this weekend!)