Daily Archives: October 10, 2013

A Visit From Karen

No, “Karen”, in this case, doesn’t refer to a friend.

We are experiencing the remnants of “Tropical Rainstorm Karen”.

I ventured out on the balcony yesterday in the wind and rain to take a couple of photos.

tide 10-9-2013 3-10-13 PM

Thankfully, it hasn’t been, and isn’t expected to be, as bad as other nor’easters and hurricanes we’ve had.

Last year, Motor Man built a little walkway for me to stand on to feed the swans and ducks – when they’re actually IN the water. (We aren’t allowed to have a dock, so this just “sits” on top of a large drainage pipe.)

db swans ducks 8-24-2013 4-09-28 PM

I’m hoping it doesn’t wash completely away with the tide. But, at the time this photo was taken yesterday afternoon, things weren’t looking too good.

walkway 10-9-2013 3-10-17 PM

We much prefer visits from our FRIEND, Karen.

karen 7-9-2011 2-09-19 PM