Daily Archives: October 22, 2013

These Barns – Christmas Tree Farm

The photos for today’s post were taken on a Christmas tree farm along a country road between Martinsville, Va. and Mt. Airy, NC.

The word that comes to mind when I look at the end of this barn is “kattywampus”. I wonder how long before that window falls to the ground.

red barn1 10-6-2013 9-06-34 AM

These cute donkeys/mules were beside the barn in a pen with some cattle. (And one rogue calf outside the pen.)

donkeys 10-6-2013 9-11-32 AM

Just a little further along the highway was this little barn/shed.

christmas tree farm barn 10-6-2013 9-08-37 AM

And, beside that, this neat old log structure. Just to the left, you can see the field of Christmas trees.

old log barn 10-6-2013 9-09-28 AM

This little area should be buzzing about a month from now with folks hunting for the perfect tree.