Daily Archives: October 29, 2013

These Barns: An Imposter

Motor Man and I took a day trip to the mountains this weekend. One of our race engine customers is from Dayton, (near Harrisonburg) Va., and had told me some time ago that the area is a barn lover’s paradise. (Thanks again, Jeremy!)

I spotted this, and Motor Man pulled over immediately.

mill1 10-26-2013 10-56-18 PM

It certainly looked like a barn. Since it was situated just off a tiny little country road, I got out of the vehicle, while Motor Man turned around in the adjacent vacant lot.

mill2 10-26-2013 10-53-45 PM

Before he pulled back onto the road, he called me over and told me to look around behind the building.

mill3 10-26-2013 10-54-46 PM

Obviously, this wasn’t a barn, but an old mill. And we noticed new windows have been installed, and it appears some power washing has been done to the front of the building.

This barn imposter is getting a facelift!