Daily Archives: October 4, 2013

Gypsy Update

We’ve learned a few things about Miss Gypsy in the six weeks since we adopted her she adopted us.

She’s a little “ham”.

gypsy on desk -9-27-13 9-27-2013 10-49-19 PM 9-27-2013 10-49-19 PM

She’s computer savvy.

gypsy and computer 10-3-2013 8-58-10 PM

She likes her new scratching post.

gypsy and scratching post 9-17-2013 1-44-01 PM

And her new “Cat’s Meow” toy.

gypsy and cats meow 9-25-2013 1-24-05 PM

We’ve been wondering why her water bowl stays empty, and the carpet around it is always wet. Last week I bought a large (dog’s) water bowl and put her water bowl inside that to help the situation. Yesterday, we found out why this was happening. While she’s drinking, she keeps her right front paw IN the water bowl.

gypsy and water bowl 10-3-2013 10-23-22 AM

Gypsy went to the vet earlier this week for her second distemper shot. She now weighs four pounds, so within the next few weeks, we’ll be making an appointment to have her spayed.

Motor Man and I are NOT looking forward to her having surgery. We’ll be counting the minutes until she’s back in her favorite spot.

gypsy and jr 9-8-2013 3-56-25 PM