Daily Archives: October 16, 2013

The Further Adventures Of Gypsy

Wondering what our shop kitty, Gypsy, has been up to lately?

We’ve caught her sleeping on the job.

gyp-gyp 10-15-2013 9-04-38 PM

She’s been charming all the guys who happen by our shop.

wayne & gypsy-001

She’s been helping Motor Man relax during his lunch time.

jr gypsy 10-15 10-14-2013 12-42-57 PM

She’s now into aerobics.

tummy rubs-001

And she’s also discovered bathroom tissue. (As Marshall said, had we been videotaping it, we may have had a shot on America’s Funniest Home Videos.)

bathroom tissue 10-15-2013 12-09-03 PM

Yes, it was a chore to clean up, but, honestly, could you stay mad at that face?

that face 10-16-2013 6-30-28 AM

Yeah, she’s getting away with a lot.