Daily Archives: October 3, 2013

How’s The Weather Up There?

It isn’t unusual for us to spot an occasional great blue heron along the water’s edge near our home. But back during the summer, I saw something rather unusual one evening as I was outside taking pictures of this gorgeous sunset.

sunset 7-14-2013 8-27-52 PM

Hearing a strange noise, I glanced up in a tree and spotted this.

heron1 7-14-2013 8-26-49 PM

It’s difficult to describe the sound made by a heron. “Screeching” would probably be a good word.

heron2 7-14-2013 8-27-36 PM

To give you an idea of just how high up he was, here’s a picture showing the tree beside our neighbors’ (three-story) house.

heron last 7-14-2013 8-27-07 PM

Lightning struck the tree a couple of years ago, so that’s why there was no foliage. We’ve since had it removed. We were sorry to lose it, but I was glad to have the opportunity to see this heron on its lofty perch.