Friday’s Fences – “The Plain People”

In addition to fall foliage, Motor Man and I chose to travel to Dayton, Va. last weekend because our friend, Jeremy, told us that it’s home to a large Mennonite (“The Plain People”) community.

We happened by one of their churches on Sunday morning.

church 10-27-2013 12-11-05 AM

And, over to the side, the horses and buggies waited.

buggies at church 10-27-2013 12-11-14 AM

The rolling hills and dairy farms make this a particularly beautiful area. (Of course, I thought the horses and buggies were a bonus.)

buggies fence cows 10-27-2013 12-07-54 AM

I loved the sound of the horses’ hooves, clip-clopping along the highway.

two buggies 10-27-2013 12-15-53 AM

And we couldn’t help but notice that the folks in every buggy waved and smiled as they passed by us.

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20 responses to “Friday’s Fences – “The Plain People”

  1. As well as being ‘The Plain People’, they’re also ‘The Happy, Friendly People’! We all should be like that every day. Give everyone a smile and a wave!

  2. OldeTownePhotos

    I visited the city’s website and was impressed by its quaintness, even more than Olde Towne’s. It looks like a great place to spend a weekend or two.

  3. There are several mennonite communities in TX. One of Rick’s cousins lives in Snyder, near Dallas-Ft.Worth, named for one of their ministers. I can’t say I have seen them in their horse and buggies out here. How interesting!

  4. What a lovely way to spend a morning, glad you got fences in all four shots, how clever.

  5. That’s a particularly pretty church…..and the area looks like a very pretty place complete with friendly folk……oh – and some nice fences too!


  6. That is a familiar sight in several areas close to us too. Fences everywhere!

  7. Thanks for the pics and the info! I’ll have to go visit that area. I miss those sites I had growing up near the Amish in PA. When I was in high school we would drive by the farms and flirt with the young boys plowing the fields. My bad!

  8. So cool to see the horses and buggies just waiting out there !

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The nearest we have to Heaven on earth. So beautiful, peaceful, and most of all good and kind people. I love the church and the buggies outside. The area is lovely. So glad you had a chance to go there. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a good weekend. .

  10. What a charming set of photos and your trip must have been so sweet!

  11. Were they Mennonites or Amish? I thought it was the Amish who used the buggies.

  12. I hear that they are very friendly but none live in our part of the west.

  13. such a simple life they live…we could all learn from them!

  14. Calling by as another Friday Fences participant, Are they different to Amish communities?

  15. I could hear the clip-clop of the horses hooves, too 🙂

    Thank you for this post.

    There are some Amish north of here and I see their buggies when I travel a certain route; it always makes me smile. That, and stopping to buy one of their custard pies 🙂


  16. I have always wanted to check out a community like this… interesting! Another reason I want to travel to your neck-of-the-woods someday!

  17. Loved this! It so reminded me when we lived on the edge of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania and used to ride through the countryside, admiring the Pennsylvania Dutch farms. A farmer used to deliver milk to a little store just down the street from our neighborhood, and I remember the long line of cars that would follow his buggy. No one ever tooted!

  18. Gosh, how I envy you! There is Mennonites community in Bolivia too, but everybody say, that it’s impossible to visit it, as people there don’t like visitors….I wanna go though, the life they lead is fascinating!

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