Sunday Afternoon: 50-odd Years Later

For most of my childhood years, my (grown) sister, Rose, and her family lived in the little town of Claremont, about 20 miles from where my mom and I lived.

Claremont is a small waterfront town on the James River, and there’s a tiny little sandy beach there for local residents.

During the summers of my childhood, my mom and I would drive to Claremont to have Sunday lunch with Rose after church.  And then….we’d to go the beach.  My niece and nephew (five years and seven years younger than me, respectively) swam like little fishes. I just waded and splashed at the shore and brought home every seashell that Mom would let me. The smell of Coppertone immediately takes me back to that little beach.

Yesterday, Motor Man and I took his mother for a drive to the areas of my childhood to show her where I went to school, etc.

db grace1 11-10-2013 3-45-58 AM

And we ended up in Claremont. At the beach.

db and grace 11-10-2013 3-46-03 AM

Because, after all, it was Sunday afternoon.

jr and mom 11-10-2013 3-46-28 AM

~These Days Of Mine~


18 responses to “Sunday Afternoon: 50-odd Years Later

  1. What great photos of a lovely family outing……!


  2. Love the circle of memories you made bringing you back to Sunday afternoon. Great last line!

  3. I know this Sun. drive brought back memories for you and a peek at your life for Mrs. K. Sounds like fun!

  4. Great pics! Brings back memories for me too since our church had annual summer picnics there:)

  5. Well! What a very nice Sunday afternoon!! And warm enough for no coat Dianna?!!! Second to last photo, with your Mom-in-Law, very sweet. The scent of Sea&Ski for me. Reminds me of Florida summers with my godparents..♥ Good Morning!

  6. Such a nice post and I loved the picture of you and Mrs. Keen. Priceless!

  7. Great photos. Look at you all’s beautiful smiles. You can see the love & fun you all shared while visiting your childhood stomping grounds. It looks like a gorgeous place to grow up.

    ” I just waded and splashed at the shore and brought home every seashell that Mom would let me.”
    Your statement gave me a big smile. This is my idea of a perfect visit to the beach. I love finding and keeping shells.

  8. oh, that is so sweet…

  9. Now I’m going to have to find out where Claremont is! Never heard of it. Looks like a pretty place.

  10. Great pics ! – I can see that everybody was having a good time 😉

  11. Such a sweet post! Memories shared are the best kind and how wonderful it was that you could share with your hubby and mom-in-law…and us too! 🙂

  12. Oh that is lovely….. brought me close to tears!

  13. These are great photos of all of you Dianne.

  14. Brought back the memories for me too. Remember the GA outings? What a precious day for all.

  15. The pictures are wonderful. Your mother-in-law looks like a really special lady. Sunday is the perfect day for a family outing. This post reminds me of how my family used to often take Sunday afternoon drives when I was a child.

  16. Beautiful! That photo of you two gals together, giggling like school girls, is just precious.

    A perfect outing and how thoughtful of you both to make it a special day for her.


  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Lovely pictures and beautiful day for it. Many people do not know the town of Claremonnt, VA. Of course you and I started high school there and I have my grandparents (Matthews) buried there and have been there many times. Such a small and quiet community. My husband, Chuck, use to handle the maintenance of the telephone office there. I had no ideal your sister lived there. Small world. Mrs. Keen looks well, glad to see that.

  18. Lovely, every last bit of this post. 🙂

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