(Almost) Indian Summer

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. Following a rainy Sunday night, the skies cleared early Monday morning.

morning 11-17-2013 7-22-55 PM

The high temperature yesterday was 72 degrees.  As Marshall mentioned, we seem to be experiencing an “Indian Summer”. Almost. I didn’t know there were so many criteria regarding a true Indian Summer. So here’s  a little checklist to see how our weather compares:

Warm temperatures: check
Nights, clear and chilly:  chilly, but Sunday night wasn’t clear; last night was.
Follows a hard frost: that’s true. We had heavy frost one night last week.
Must occur between November 11 and November 20:  check

 marsh 11-17-2013 8-00-06 PM

Yesterday was indeed a sunroof day.

sunroof yellow 11-18-2013 12-19-10 AM

The foliage in our area has been colorful for probably about a month now. Motor Man, Marshall and I have been discussing how we don’t recall it ever being this pretty and lasting this long.

orange tree 11-18-2013 1-52-41 AM

Beautiful foliage isn’t on the Indian Summer checklist.  That makes it a bonus.

~These Days Of Mine~

14 responses to “(Almost) Indian Summer

  1. Gorgeous photos and you’re right – yesterday was a “gift” for this time of year…..the color is all gone up here but even so, days like that are beautiful with or without leaves.


  2. We were really surprised at how beautiful the trees were on our LOOOOONG trip to Virginia Beach yesterday….A few trees were missing leaves but a lot still had beautiful red, yellow and orange leaves. A real gift! This time of year is truly “God’s Coloring Book”.

  3. Very interesting about the Indian Summer. We might have had it last week. Your trees are beautiful and your pictures are lovely!

  4. Nice but I am ready for some cold weather. Crazy, huh!

  5. how nice that you got an elongated autumn!

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    This has been a longer and more colorful fall for the trees. Your pictures are lovely as always. Indian summer days are a good thing. 🙂

  7. Great post ! Thanks for explaining the requirements – yesterday definitely qualified !

  8. Thanks for the pictures of home on the river. It’s been beautiful here at the beach too!

  9. do you suppose that all that rain we got back in the summer is the reason our Fall is so outstanding? I sure think it helped.

  10. The weather looks absolutely perfect there. It’s feeling more like winter here. 🙂

  11. I don’t think we had a freeze yet here in Virginia Beach, but I could be wrong. I didn’t know about the narrow window for Indian Summer. Thanks for the info.

  12. Wonderful painted trees!

  13. I didn’t realize set dates were in the parameters for Indian Summer. Thanks for educating me today. We’ve had a few really nice days lately, but we’re paying for it this weekend!

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