Ice, Ice

These pictures were taken the morning after last week’s snow storm.

icy trees 1-30-2014 8-04-05 AM

Motor Man did a lot of stopping the car that morning on our drive into town, so I could take pictures. He even took a couple from his side of the car. I’m not sure, but I think he took this one.

icy trees and shrubs 1-30-2014 8-04-09 AM

It was most definitely a winter wonderland.

trees 1-30-2014 8-19-05 AM

The icy trees against that beautiful blue sky made for some interesting photos.

dbs tree

With warm temperatures and rain over the past few days, all that snow has melted.

icy branch 1-30-2014 8-19-13 AM

But while it was here, it sure provided us with some pretty scenery.

~These Days Of Mine~


18 responses to “Ice, Ice

  1. I love it when ice crystals form on things…..with the sun out it just makes everything look so soft (and cold!!).


  2. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing, I always look forward to your posts:)

  3. The ice made everything exciting to see, even things that are usually ho-hum. Plus it gave you new, beautiful photos to post! But I’m not sorry to have the ice gone!

  4. I love your ice pictures. It was magical.

  5. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I love your pictures … & Motor Man’s too!

  6. You should frame these Dianna – to hang on a hot summer day! 🙂

  7. Great photos! I lived much of my life in cold northern USA. I prefer a warmer climate, but there are no landscapes as beautiful as the ones of winter dressed in snow and ice. I remember waking up in the morning and looking outside to see the stunning sight of a new fallen snow.

    I like your family photos.

  8. very pretty hoar frost.

  9. That was a great morning for pictures- and to be out; I had been cooped up all day the day before. I love the way the ice/frost takes the place of the leaves on the branches… it looks like the trees grew that way !!

  10. Gorgeous breathtaking magical and wow!
    You & MM are both wonderful at capturing the best angles of beauty.
    Such dangerous beauty the ice is.

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Postcards from God. Beautiful!

  12. The snow does have a way of bringing beauty to what would ordinarily be, well, ordinary. Lovely shots. I’m impressed that Motor Man will share photo duties. He sure was a good catch!

  13. A winter wonderland indeed! I love it when all the trees are covered with icy crystal snow and look like a fairyland. I knew you’d capture some gorgeous photos of your snowstorm. 🙂 Believe it or not, we STILL have snow on the ground and it’s continuing to fall today. I think the latest stat I heard was that we usually get 20 or more inches on the average each winter and we’re already up past 42. And we still have February to go!

  14. Beauuuuuuuttttiiiifuuuulll although it is very cold there!
    Keep warm dear Dianna and thank you for sharing! I’ve really missed to see such beautiful view…

  15. Spectacular!

  16. Beautiful icy landscapes. I especially like the ice lit from behind in most of the shots, as it creates a nice translucency.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  17. Doing my Sunday afternoon thing and reading blogs. Joy! These photos are so beautiful. I saw there’s another storm headed that way. Snow on the way again? ~ Sheila

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