Gray Day On The Beach

Motor Man and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday on the Outer Banks. It was a gray morning, but the sun managed to briefly peek through the clouds.

sun thru clouds 2-2-2014 7-39-13 AM

Let me ask you: just how do you draw a heart in the sand? A heart with legible writing inside….and without footprints? (I guess I need to Google that. Or check Pinterest.)  In any event, here’s my feeble attempt. Thankfully, it appears that the wave is about to overtake it.

heart 2-2-2014 8-07-55 AM

The weather may have been gloomy, and my “heart in the sand” attempt a flop, but we set up our tripod for an anniversary photo anyway.

jrdb 2-2-2014 8-07-00 AM

It’s rare that we don’t see any horses while we’re on the beach, but that was the case yesterday.  However, we did stop so I could visit Aggie on our way home. She was happy to see me treats.

db and aggie 2-2-2014 10-51-14 AM

Motor Man and I thank you for all the anniversary wishes on yesterday’s blog post. We’ve already started making memories for next year’s slideshow.

~These Days Of Mine~


14 responses to “Gray Day On The Beach

  1. Awww…great day! Glad you got to see and feed Aggie.

  2. Great anniversary picture to add to your collection! I used to do those hearts in the sand (a loooong time ago) with a nice long stick – it was the only way I could do a “neat” one! I wonder how many people visit Aggie on their trips to and from the beach. She’s a lucky horse!


  3. Looking forward to all the ‘memory’ photos you’ll have on your slide show on your anniversary!

  4. It looks like a Gray day, but a good one. Maybe I can help you with your heart drawing skills. A long stick helps!

  5. always love when you stop to see aggie. 🙂

    and i’m guessing you need a long, strong stick to draw that heart.

  6. Definitely a gray one, but always special when the disc of the Sun can be seen through the clouds! Happy Anniversary again !!

  7. Def a gray day, but that third pic made it all better.

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Gray day or not, I know you guys had but another wonderful anniversary!!!

  9. the hubs and i make them all the time, he is really the master!! we have also made hearts with a collection of the large sea shells. they are wonderful as well and then we write our initals and the date inside. happy anniversary!!

  10. You and Motorman are so cute – – and so are you and Aggie!

  11. Missed this yesterday….the pic with the heart on the sand and the waves coming up is great! I loved the anniversary slide show from Sunday…. so much fun:)

  12. I think considering the dreary yet happy day that you did a dandy of a job on the heart.
    It’s good to see Aggie again and know that she is doing fine. She’s an awesome beauty.
    Thanks for sharing your special day with us. I’ve enjoyed it very much,

  13. Happy anniversary! I do love that last shot though. So beautiful!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  14. Great photo of you two lovebirds. 🙂 Aggie probably recognizes your car by now.

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