Prints Charming

If you’ve spent much time here on These Days, you know that Pam, who writes whose cat, Sammy, writes the blog “One Spoiled Cat“, is a good friend of mine. She’s also an author, having written the novel, The Mystery of David’s Bridge, as well as two childrens’ books. In addition, Pam is also a talented artist. Not long after we became friends, she gifted me with an 8×10 of one of her prints, The Old Boat. To read more about this painting and a poem Pam wrote about it, click here.

Being the procrastinator that I am, it’s taken me awhile to have it framed. But I took care of that last week. I have always been in awe of anyone who can draw/paint/sketch….. Thanks, Pam! Love you, girlfriend.

pams print 2-23-2014 11-20-53 AM

Also, a few months ago, I was contacted through my blog email address by Mary Lou Troutman. She explained that she’s an artist who lives in Maryland, and one of her friends had requested a painting of the buy boat, Samuel Bailey, passing by the Blackistone Lighthouse.  Through research, Mary Lou had  found my blog post on buy boats and was writing to ask if she could use my photo as a reference for her painting.

Even better, she offered to either pay me, or, once the painting was done, send me a print. Or, if I preferred, I had the option of choosing another print from her web-site. I immediately replied and gave her permission to use my picture for reference.

Here’s her beautiful painting, which I had framed at the same time I had Pam’s done.

samuel bailey 2-23-2014 11-23-45 AM

I apologize for the weird angle, but it’s almost impossible to get a reflection-free photo of anything behind glass.

Thanks again, Pam and Mary Lou; we’re honored to display your beautiful artwork in our home.

~These Days Of Mine~


16 responses to “Prints Charming

  1. WOW Dianna….thanks for the compliment on my painting but that painting of the buy boat by Mary Lou Troutman is STUNNING. I love everything about it from the colors to the water and those clouds – fabulous. Well, needless to say I’m happy you like the boat painting and you sure did a great job with the framing. I appreciate your kind words sweet friend. Love you too!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Sammy’s mom is truly amazing! Mom read her book and really liked it. Love your paintings and your neat wallpaper!

  3. Lovely pieces to enjoy every day to remind you of precious ties and the water around you. “A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires.” quote from Hedy Lamarr

  4. Your prints are lovely…two very talented artists…how lucky you are!!

  5. Both beautiful paintings Dianna. You and Pam are very talented artists! And congratulations on Mary Lou Troutman using your picture to paint a piece of art work for a friend! Your pictures are making lots of people happy. I am thrilled and touched with the gallery wrap you had done and sent to me of the buoy/channel marker with osprey nest picture you took that I fell in love with! Thank you again so much!

  6. Wow, beautiful! I especially love the last picture! Ellie

  7. Love both prints. How lucky you are to have such special friends.

  8. GORGEOUS!! What a terrific way to honor you and your talented friends. They (the friends and art) are definitely treasures.

  9. What a blessing your blog has been to you and so many of us. Making you new friends, lovely gifts, and such wonderful communications. The pictures are so pretty and I loved Pam’ poem. Good job everyone!!.

  10. both are gorgeous! i love the soft, soothing colors in the first. wow.

  11. Both pieces are so very lovely. I know they will be treasured in your home. And your blog is a treasure to us, Dianna!

  12. Incredible works here! – I know they’ll have places of honor in your home…
    And a great play on words for the title today 😉

  13. Awesome. The paintings a gorgeous, oh would that I could paint like that.
    Congratulations on your photo becoming a reference for a painting. That’s an awesome honor. Well done! ~applause~

  14. Both paintings are truly lovely Dianna. How fortunate you are to know such talented people.

  15. What a treat, to get two works of art that have such personal meaning for you! Beautiful additions to your home! ~ Sheila

  16. These are just beautiful! Congratulations on your winning photography. 🙂

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