Random Five Friday

Time once again for Nancy’s Random Five Friday!

1.) A thank-you to those of you who read yesterday’s blog post (before I corrected it) and didn’t mention that Valentine’s Day was actually last Friday. I had mistakenly written that it was Saturday. Motor Man pointed it out to me (by phone) and asked if I were trying to make him look bad, as in being a day late to bring me roses and a card.

2.) Unfortunately, I was on the road when he called, and unable to edit the post on my phone. Marshall and I were on our way to take Frances, a long-time friend, to breakfast.  We always enjoy visiting with her, and we think the feeling is mutual.

marshall db and frances 2-20-2014 10-53-38 AM-horz

3.)  We are hinderedaggravatedbothered, exasperated by Canada geese  in our yard. We were told that chasing them with radio control vehicles sometimes convinces them to move on to another location. So we recently bought an RC Jeep. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have enough “oomph” to travel across the grass. So Motor Man carries it and revs the engine in it while walking toward the geese. They really don’t like the sound. (Perhaps he needs to build a high-performance engine for that Jeep.)

goosebuster3 1-25-2014 1-01-29 PM

4.)  Daytona 500 on Sunday!  I’ve been to Daytona twice; Motor Man has been several times.  We’re glad that we had the opportunity to see races at some of the large tracks, but now we just like watching from the comfort of home. (But I do miss the sound of the cars and the smell of tire rubber. Yes, I’m a redneck, why do you ask?)

5.) Our forecast today is for rain and possibly severe thunderstorms. Sounds like a good day to spend (rubber) stamping in my little “craft” loft.

rainy window 2-15-2014 4-47-19 PM

Feel free to share your randomness.

~These Days Of Mine~


19 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Good Morning Dianna! Yes! I would love to see what Motor Man could do to that little jeeper! Our thunderstorms must have headed your way. Our neighbor goes out and bangs pots and pans to keep the Canada Geese away from her pond.. it works! Your lunch date sounds wonderful. Lovely picture of the geese and Motor Man AND a bit funny.. 😀

  2. I’m so glad you and Marshall visited with Frances. She hasn’t changed a bit and I think it’s been at least 10 years since I’ve seen her. Can’t have you making MM looking bad !!

  3. Yesterday’s photo was so adorable, I didn’t notice anything amiss otherwise I would have messaged you quickly.
    I will have to tell Rick and SIL about the the radio control cars scaring away the geese.
    Don’t you hate it when you’re in the car and you need to get to a computer? My students take an online test during a three day window. I feel almost guilty venturing out in the car should they need something during that time.

  4. I’m like Georgette, I was so taken by how cute the Valentine photo was, I missed that you had the wrong day. Oh, those geese — they really can be a nuisance, not to mention the ‘presents’ they leave behind! My folks battled with them for many years because the geese found the pond across the road from their house and took up permanent residence there and were often in my parents’ yard making a mess.

  5. Missed the mention, too. I was swooning over his sweet gesture down the hallway towards you 🙂 Your friend looks delighted to have you both there for the visit, too

  6. Sure wish we knew of a sure fire way to get rid of those geese. Such a mess. A high performance engine sounds like a good thing. Can we order one while MM is at it? It looks like a good day to do some stamping with our new purchases!

  7. Stormy weather makes a good cocooning kind of day for me. Now, if only I could be at home for it, but we don’t get ‘rain days’ from school. Love the rainy window pic.

  8. I think the geese and you have created a challenge for JR! Build it and paten it!!!

  9. You could call it The Goose Getter!
    Getter done!

  10. Love your Random 5 today! As far as you making MM look bad there is NO Way!. I am sure MM will rev up that motorize jeep to do the job.

  11. Breakfast yesterday was great! Always good to see Frances, & always good to have a meal at VA.Diner… hoping the storms don’t amount to much this afternoon.. but your loft will be a good place to spend it.. Great last photo! — oh, yeah: love the fleeing geese 😉

  12. Great that you have rainy day craft time — enjoyed the image of the geese. 🙂

  13. Yep I’ve made a few errors on my blog too. Typo mania, wrong days, left out phrases, auto-correction saying words I didn’t say, lol you name it and I may have had to change it at one time or another. It’s all a fun part of the joys of blogging. 😉
    You & Marshall are so sweet with your friend. You all glow with happiness.
    Motor man and the jeep made me laugh.
    That race has a lot of folks giddy with excitement. I hope they have a good day with no serious accidents.
    Maybe the rain will come and go quickly.
    Wishing you all a weekend of sunshine and smiles.

  14. No harm no foul on getting the V-Date mixed up. Besides your hubby gave you a wonderful surprise which is what counts anyway.
    Sounds like those geese are causing quite the ruckus. We had raccoons eating the cat food and I often went out yelling at them and banging pots and pans. It scared them off every time. Maybe that would work for the geese.
    Crafting on a rainy day is so much fun.

  15. It sounds like you, Marshall and Frances had a wonderful time catching up and sharing Castle memories! I didn’t even notice the date error on V-Day – shows you how much attention I pay to those things…..heaven knows I make my share of mistakes on Sam’s blog – but as they say “it’s all good” and it’s the feelings shared anyway – not the “specifics” sometimes that make us enjoy blogs!! Canada geese are messy birds…..no wonder you’re resorting to sending MM out there to chase them off…..!


  16. Beautiful shots! Love your happy post.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  17. Poor Motor Man, don’t want him to look bad 🙂

  18. It’s after 11:00 p.m. and the race is under caution, again! Maybe that Jeep needs a turbo-charger. Did you get out your rubber stamps out?

  19. I love stamping too! Used to do it a lot with my kids, and now I just get stamps out for gift tags or a special card now and then. But I still have all my stamps, and sometimes add a new one. Good to get the creative juices flowing in a non-writing form! ~ Sheila

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