Osprey Update

A couple of weeks ago, I shared news that osprey had built a nest on the breakwater at the marina in front of our house.

GP osprey  4-17-2014 5-13-42 PM

Since we discovered the nest, we’ve tried to determine the best location for photographing it. I believe this picture was taken from one of our upstairs windows.

two ospreys on nest 4-18-2014 2-44-47 PM

I took this one morning around sunrise from our deck.

osprey nest at sunrise 4-22-2014 6-17-03 AM

Knowing very little nothing about ospreys and their nests, I have to wonder how concerned they’ll be as, with the warmer weather, the water and marina get busier with people.  The nest is so close to the dock.

This was yesterday afternoon.

sunbathers and osprey nest 5-4-2014 6-01-34 PM

In the summer months, this is a very busy area with boaters and sunbathers. I hope the osprey don’t mind a crowd in their neighborhood.

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19 responses to “Osprey Update

  1. Gosh…..it would be nice if people were “sensitive” to the fact there are nesting ospreys RIGHT THERE where they’re sitting. You found some good angles from which to capture the nest though.


  2. thank you for the “birds-eye view” of something most of us will never experience!


  3. That is a a big nest and a big bird. Some interesting information on wikipedia is that they mate for life. Makes me think of bride and groom swan.

  4. Hope all the summer activity doesn’t cause them to desert the nest.

  5. Great photos! I’m afraid people being so close to the nest will scare the ospreys away. Personally, I would be afraid to get that close to such a huge nest, especially if I didn’t know who was living there. 🙂

  6. They will be fine. But just wait until those babies start hollering at 2 am in the morning for food! That happened to us when we had a nest off of our pier.

  7. Wow Dianna I don’t know. I see the No Wake sign. When we watched the nest I told you about, it was in the middle of a cove and most boaters were sensitive to them being there. I’d think it would be kind of hard on them there with people that close. But then again they might be really focused on the task and not be bothered at all. It will be interesting. I wish they didn’t have to put up with the crowd. Guess they didn’t know it was such a popular place.. 🙂

  8. Too bad there isn’t a ‘No People’ sign so those ospreys could have some peace bringing their young’uns into this world.

  9. Great photos. You all are lucky to have the bird’s eye view. I’m sadden to think that the osprey may be disturbed and move on. It’s put so much work into that gorgeous nest.
    Bless it’s heart.

  10. This will be interesting to follow!

  11. Great shots. Looking forward to seeing babies soon!

  12. Keep us posted … I hope the people visiting the docks don’t disturb them.. but we know how that goes …. :/

  13. Wonderful pictures. I hope the people don’t get in the way. That would be a shame.

  14. Oh! Wow! that is so very cool! I hope they stay!

  15. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the ospreys are somehow able to tolerate the people (though they really shouldn’t have to.)

  16. If I were an osprey i would prefer privacy. On the other hand, human noises without interference might be comforting – like having the radio on when no one is home. Life can get boring when you’re nesting.

  17. How neat to have them so close. I do wonder why people would not stay away from their nest.

  18. You have a great view from there.

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