Random Five Friday

As we head into the Memorial Day weekend, here are a few random thoughts:

1.) I never knew until I was told by a friend recently, that if you plant amaryllis bulbs outside in the spring, they’ll bloom again!

amaryllis 5-16-2014 12-53-00 PM

2.) Thank you for all the kind, encouraging comments on yesterday’s post; THAT’S why I blog!

3.) Growing up, I remember hearing my Mom, her siblings and my Grandma say that a storm was “following the river”.  We lived about 8 or 10 miles from the river, and whether or not storms actually follow the river, I don’t know. But that sure looked to be the case at our house last night.

storm clouds 5-22-2014 8-02-42 PM

4.) Found this “rain chime” at Tractor Supply this week.  I’m doubtful that it will actually do any chiming, and I certainly won’t be outside in the rain to hear it if it does, but I do think it’s cute hanging from the tree.

rain chime 5-22-2014 7-28-10 PM

5.) My plans for the holiday weekend include a Farmers’ Market, lunch with friends, and possibly a little ride to the Outer Banks: just Motor Man, me and about a hundred thousand of our closest friends….

Have a safe weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

22 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Have a wonderful Memorial weekend……love that cute wind chime! I’ve never planted an amaryllis outside but my bulbs come back year after year if I let them “rest” after blooming and stay in a cool spot until they begin to grow again. Yours looks QUITE happy I must say!


  2. Olde Towne Photos

    Luv the Rain Chime. You find the neatest stuff. Hoping you enjoy the weekend with all your friends. I’m catching the 130th Memorial Day Parade in Portsmouth.

  3. What an unusual rain chime.. never heard of anything but a wind chime!
    At least, you have no delusions about the amount of traffic to the Banks this weekend. Just a few more than the number on any summer weekend!

  4. Funny you would mention the “following the river” thing, as I fussed at Don Slater yesterday when the first batch of storms hit Richmond, Waverly and the 460 corridor. As he was predicting the storms would move SSE, I corrected him as though he could hear me, told him he was wrong, everybody knows storms follow the river and that ESE would be their path. Well, so much for that, he was right! Apparently hot concrete has the same effect as the river…

  5. I love the rain chime, it’s adorable! Great photo of the storm following the river, Dianna. My grandmother used to say the same thing.
    Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  6. have a great weekend! Love the “rain chime” – adorable 🙂 MJ

  7. Safe travel and enjoy your weekend! And, YES, rain does follow the river, especially during season of drought!

  8. You all drive safely this weekend and have a lovely weekend. The rain chime is cute. I had a brass pitcher and water dippers hanging in the corner of our kitchenette which are all packed up now. Your rain chimes remind me of that.

  9. Have a great weekend! I love that rain chime.

  10. LOVE the rain chime! My amaryllis bloomed three times last summer. and most amazing—the storm following the river-I had forgotten that expression—truth!
    Enjoy a good weekend and meteor shower North Friday night between 2-4.

  11. I didn’t know that about an amaryllis bulb. That’s so awesome. Yours is absolutely gorgeous.
    You’re very welcome for the encouragement. You’re well deserving of applause and positive feedback.
    I agree, those clouds do look like they’re lined up to go along a river.
    I really like your rain chimes. I think it’s quite charming.
    Sounds like fun weekend plans. I hope the weather is pleasant and you all have a wonderful time.
    Wishing you a safe weekend too. 🙂

  12. Love your rain chime – didn’t know they existed.

  13. i just love perusing tractor supply. they have cool stuff. 🙂

  14. Your rain chime reminds me of a similar rain spout I saw at a cute historic little town near me in PA. Love it! I’ll send you a picture of it if I can find it. Have a great weekend!

  15. Another fine Friday assortment here! – I like the spot you chose for your rainchime- you’ll have to open the back door sometime when it’s raining to see if it’s working !

  16. Another great R5F! Your flower is lovely but I don’t much about it. The rain chimes are so cute. Never heard of it before but Chuck and I go to Tractor Supply for bird food, so I will look for it. Hope you and JR have a wonderful holiday.

  17. I love the rain chime and the amaryllis flower. What a lovely weekend you have lined up. Enjoy! 🙂

  18. Wow those are some stormy looking clouds. That is a cool chime.
    You have a great weekend too.

  19. I going to have to try planting amaryllis outdoors. They would be a beautiful addition to my garden.

  20. Hope you are enjoying your Holiday weekend! The rain chime is darling!! That is an impressive cloud bank!! Love your shots over the slips!

  21. The chime is so way cute! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend full of all the things you love.

  22. Ah, yes, summertime at the beach! Gotta love it. I didn’t know that about Amaryllis. What a pretty red one you have. Nice chime, whether it chimes or not. I love anything “water can.” It’s just a great accent piece for a garden.

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