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Squirrel’s Stash

Last year, I bought this little planter at Lowe’s. At the time, it contained succulents. Since the succulents didn’t survive the winter, I replanted it this spring with portulaca and placed it on the side door to our garage. (By the way, the portulaca looked much healthier earlier in the summer.)

hanger on door 9-25-2014 2-19-45 PM

Nearby I have a strawberry jar with hens and biddies.

strawberry jar 10-6-2014 3-27-44 PM

A few weeks ago, I noticed that something (probably a squirrel) had uprooted one of the “biddies” and left it lying on the ground. So I plopped it in with the portulaca.  Last week, I saw that same poor biddy once again on the ground.

As I placed it back in the planter, I noticed the reason it had been removed in the first place…

sorry for the blurry picture

sorry for the blurry picture

…to make room for the squirrel’s winter-time snack.

walnut2 9-25-2014 2-20-18 PM

Sorry, my dear squirrel, this is one walnut that won’t be waiting for you when you return.

walnut 9-25-2014 2-20-37 PM

Perhaps I’d better think about planting that biddy back with the others. Squirrels don’t give up easily, and this one seems to have developed a fondness for that particular planter.

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