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Horses In The Surf

Saturday, on a trip to the Outer Banks, Motor Man and I saw something so beautiful: horses in the surf.

2 black horses in surf 10-4-2014 1-33-15 PM

And what an amazing sight it was.

2 brown horses in surf 10-4-2014 1-33-20 PM

Although we’ve often seen horses down by the ocean, this is the first time we’ve seen them actually in the water. These two stood so close together, at first glance, it looks to be just one horse.

2 black horses 10-4-2014 1-33-03 PM

When we first came up on them, there were four in the group.

4 horses 10-4-2014 1-35-20 PM

As we sat parked in our vehicle, well outside the required 50 foot distance from the horses (me hanging out the window, taking pictures), Motor Man noticed this beauty running across the dune to join the group of four.

running 10-4-2014 1-39-57 PM

She walked right in front of our vehicle.

brown 10-4-2014 1-40-12 PM

And then there were five.

five 10-4-2014 1-58-07 PM

When we drive up to Corolla to see the horses, we don’t always see them on the beach.  Saturday’s weather, along with the strong surf, made for some excellent photo ops.

And, no, I won’t tell you how many pictures I took.

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