Daily Archives: October 8, 2014

Chessie And Snugg

Several times before, I’ve shared photos of Marshall’s two cats, Chessie and Snugg. They are siblings, but have very different personalities. Chessie is rather shy, but Snugg is a real “ham”.

Recently Marshall snapped a photo of the two of them relaxing on the deck: Chessie on the left, Snugg on the right. (Obviously, neither of them has missed any meals.)

chessie and snugg 10-6-2014 1-00-00 AM

Immediately after Marshall took that picture, Snugg went into his “Ooooh, there’s Marshall with a camera! And he’s taking my picture!” mode. And Chessie strikes her usual pose, which, translated, means “I can’t believe you’re showing off like that. Again.”.

snugg and chessie 10-6-2014 1-00-00 AM

I’m guessing most brothers, who have sisters, have been on the receiving end of that look at times. With all of his antics, Snugg  should be well accustomed to it by now.

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