Daily Archives: October 15, 2014

Early Morning

After a spring/summer hiatus from my morning walks, I’m starting to get back into the habit. Oh, it’s fairly easy now, but as winter approaches, it will really be a chore to crawl out of a nice cozy, warm bed, and pull on layer after layer of clothes to face those cold temps.

I usually walk at a fairly brisk pace for about 30-45 minutes, depending on the day’s schedule.

morning from the marina 10-9-2014 7-41-42 AM

Usually, I visit with a couple of our neighbors out walking their dogs. I commented once to them that I’m surprised they allow me to walk in the neighborhood- since I don’t have a dog to walk.

I don’t lug our regular camera with me on my walks, so it’s nice to have my cell phone when  a pretty early morning scene catches my eye.


This makes getting up early easy….at least until the temperatures take a plunge.

~These Days Of Mine~