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Carriage Ride, Soda Fountain…

On our way to the Cape May Convention Center for the Sea Glass Festival Sunday, we happened to spot a horse drawn carriage. So, upon leaving the Festival, we asked directions and made our way to Ocean and Washington Streets and booked a ride with the Cape May Carriage Company.

This is “our” driver (Devyn), horse (Shadow) and carriage.

devon horse and carriages 9-28-2014 12-34-30 PM

Devyn was SO friendly and knowledgeable about Cape May. Our ride took us by many beautiful old homes, inns and hotels, and Devyn shared the history of the town with us. For example, did you know that the spelling was originally Cape Mey? It was named for a Dutch explorer, Captain Cornelius Mey, in the 1600’s. The spelling was later changed to May.

This is the Buttercup Cottage. No history on it, just a pretty little cottage.

buttercup cottage 9-28-2014 12-57-36 PM

The Inn of Cape May, according to Devyn, was the first hotel in town to have running water in the guest rooms. It also claims the oldest elevator on the East Coast, the second oldest in the country.

the inn 9-28-2014 12-19-04 PM

 After our carriage ride, Devyn took our picture with Shadow.

dbjr shadow carriage 9-28-2014 1-09-43 PM

We explored the town a bit more, then stopped in this five-and-dime.

5 and 10 9-28-2014 1-37-05 PM

We had lunch (and ice cream) at the little soda fountain at the back of the store.

soda fountain 9-28-2014 1-46-38 PM

And began our trip back home on the 4:30 ferry.

ferry 9-28-2014 4-07-10 PM

Although this trip to Cape May was a short one, we saw enough of the town’s charm to know that we’d like to return one day for a longer visit. And another carriage ride, of course.

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