Daily Archives: October 21, 2014

Equal Time: Early Evening

Since Early Morning had its time in the spotlight last week, I thought it only fair that Early Evening be featured this week.

Late Saturday afternoon, as Motor Man and I were returning home after a ride in the country, the sun was setting over the soybean and cotton fields.

cotton field at sunset 10-18-2014 6-00-23 PM

A little closer to town, this little red boat house and the surrounding marsh grass were especially pretty during evening’s golden hour. (Thank you, Motor Man, for spotting this and for making the u-turn to allow me to get the picture.)

red boat house at sunset 10-18-2014 6-05-54 PM

And one more shot as we crossed a bridge before arriving back at our shop.

sunset 10-18-2014 6-11-15 PM

This is such a beautiful time of year, and we still have fall foliage yet to enjoy.

~These Days Of Mine~