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Cape May

Motor Man had very brief business not far from Cape May, New Jersey this past weekend. And, can you believe it? There just happened to be a Sea Glass Festival taking place at the Cape May Convention Center.

So, early Sunday morning, we were on the Lewes (Delaware)/Cape May ferry. It was an unbelievably beautiful morning for a ferry ride.

sky and water 9-28-2014 9-01-47 AM

We sailed by the Harbor Refuge Lighthouse, built in 1901, just off Cape Henlopen.

lighthouse 9-28-2014 9-05-57 AM

Once we arrived at the convention center, we stood in line and waited our turn to enter. I didn’t center this picture very well: the entrance is beside that window to the far right. We didn’t mind the wait, though. The weather was perfect, and we chatted (about sea glass) with a couple waiting in front of us.

line  9-28-2014 10-52-54 AM

There was a huge crowd of sea glass fans, making it difficult to move around to visit the booths. My main goal was to have my Pure Sea Glass book signed by the author, Richard LaMotte. And I did.

db and richard m 9-28-2014 12-03-20 PM

We chatted briefly about him having once lived in Portsmouth, which is about a half hour from our hometown. (But I forgot to tell him about the cookie jar!)

I bought a couple of Christmas presents for friends (shhhhh), and then Motor Man and I left the Convention Center to explore the beautiful town of Cape May.

I’ll share more about our trip in tomorrow’s post.

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