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Mae And Ben

Allow me to introduce to you a sweet couple I met this week:

s crow1 10-20-2014 2-51-02 PM

This is Mae and her husband, Ben. I convinced them to take a few minutes out of their busy day to pose for me.  Ben, along with their six sons, is busy harvesting corn and soy beans.

s crow3 10-20-2014 2-51-14 PM

Farm life is busy for Mae and their six daughters, too, with all the household chores, including the daunting task of cooking three meals a day for fourteen people.

Like many folks living during the Great Depression, Mae and Ben don’t have a lot of money, but their home is filled with love, and they’re raising kind, hard-working, honest children. That’s just what you do.

s crow close up 10-20-2014 2-51-21 PM

Doesn’t Ben just look so proud to be standing there beside his bride on this gorgeous autumn day?

scarecrows best 10-20-2014 2-51-35 PM

Any similarity between this post and my grandparents is purely……intentional.

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