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Random Five Friday

Seriously. Where DOES the time go? How did it get to be Friday again so quickly? Oh well, if it’s Friday, it must be time for R5F:

1.) Earlier in the summer, I purchased a moonflower vine from our local florist. I planted it out in our yard by a little section of fence, with big plans for the vine to cover said fence. The deer were SO appreciative of the tasty greenery I planted just for them, they practically devoured it the first night. All that remained was a tiny twig, so I dug it up, re-planted it in a pot, found a small trellis, and placed it on our deck.  Safe from Bambi and family, it began to grow, and finally,we now have moonflowers.

moonflower 10-1-2014 5-36-33 PM

2.) Yesterday, my friend, Bev, and I had planned to go shelling around mid-morning. While I was putting the finishing touches on my blog post around 6:30, I heard rain on the roof. Uh-oh. But I remembered my Mom’s old saying: “Rain before 7, sun by 11”. Sure enough, by 7:30, the shower had passed, and the sun was shining, but you can still see rain on the deck in this picture.

deck 10-2-2014 7-26-02 AM

 3.) We had a great shelling trip; we found a few nice shells and some sea glass and coral. After the earlier shower, it turned out to be an excellent morning for beachcombing.

4.) Last week, Motor Man and I had dinner with three of my former classmates.  I’ve been back in touch with Shirley and Donna (standing behind the two of us) for a few years now. But Rita, far left, moved out of the area when we were in elementary school. She and I hadn’t seen each other in (gasp) 50 years! Wait, that has to be a typo….

5 of us19-26-2014 7-41-032 9-26-2014 7-41-31 PM

5.) And because it seems that we MUST have a kitty photo on R5F, here’s Braveheart, a BIG kitty Motor Man and I met earlier this week.  He’s the greeter at a machine shop where we’d gone to pick up a part. If you don’t pay attention to Braveheart, he reaches out his paw to let you know he doesn’t like to be neglected. He’s a gentle soul, though, and, thankfully, doesn’t scratch.

braveheart 9-29-2014 9-40-49 AM

Happy weekend! I’m off to start collecting randoms for next Friday: it will be here before we know it…

~These Days Of Mine~