Random Five Friday

It’s been a fairly uneventful week around here, so today’s Random Five are just photos from yesterday.

1.) It was a gray, drizzly, breezy day, but our crape myrtle is still providing us with a little color.

crape myrtle foliage 11-6-2014 3-22-03 PM

2.) Late in the afternoon, I noticed a deer grazing by the marsh. I quietly opened the door and stepped out on the deck to take some pictures. From the looks of that tongue, something must have been tasty!

deer1 11-6-2014 4-14-26 PM 11-6-2014 4-14-26 PM

3.) Yep, I’ve been spotted. I understand that hunting is an evil necessity, and they do aggravate me when they eat my flowers, but I’m so glad these beautiful creatures are safe in our neighborhood.

deer3 11-6-2014 4-14-58 PM

 4.) As we were going to dinner, a storm was approaching our area. Skies were threatening, but beautiful shades of blue.

The "Lighthouse" at Smithfield Station

The “Lighthouse” at Smithfield Station

5.) And just a little later and a few miles away, those clouds weren’t nearly as pretty. Thankfully the heavy rains didn’t quite make it to where we had dinner and ran errands.

storm clouds 11-6-2014 5-49-07 PM

So, was your week more eventful than ours?

~These Days Of Mine~

20 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Olde Towne Photos

    The last two storms took all our leaves. I didn’t have much time to get any colorful photos this year. At least you have a little wildlife. We’ll see what the weekend brings.

  2. It’s been stormy here as well – with pops of sunshine. Possible snow tonight … and lots of deer are on the move.

    2 of my employees live in MI’s Upper Peninsula where the grey wolves are flourishing. There are hardly any deer now — in fact, the wolves are so smart, they “herd” the deer to the shores of Lake Superior – you can imagine the choice the deer are faced with. There are over 600 wolves now, and some on main street in town. Eek! MI just voted down allowing a hunting season. As much as I admire wolves, I’d rather see controlled hunting than traps for these beautiful creatures. I just hope no one gets hurt.

    Loved all your pictures and that sweet doe looks like she just left the buffet line! 🙂


  3. Oh the shot where it spots you is perfect. Also love the lighthouse. Very moody images, but I love them.

  4. I am loving your lighthouse shot, Dianna. It’s beautiful!

  5. Nope – our week was definitely boring overall and not nearly as “photogenic” as yours was…….!


  6. Your yard is photogenic matter the season or weather. And how many people live in a very busy neighborhood where yo can see deer and eagles from your back yard? Thank you for sharing!

  7. Uneventful = breathe to me because I know it’s going to change. Glad you had a week in which to breathe and enjoy God’s painted handiwork. Thanks for sharing your perspective with all of us.

  8. Lovely pigtures!! What sort of camera do you use?


  9. I think it’s raining and gray everywhere. Interesting MJ’s report that deer hunting season was voted down.

  10. I love uneventful weeks! Beautiful pictures.

  11. Is it Friday already? I’m waiting for that eagle shot, Dianna!

  12. We had lots of changing weather here in Kitty Hawk too. We too got a short storm that blew through pretty quick.

  13. It was pretty uneventful here too, but I for one need weeks like that! Snow flurries today but they’re not sticking.

  14. All are great shots, but that last one steals it for me!
    I knew there would be some good ones from that spot when we pulled over last evening …..

  15. I would say your week was truly beautiful Dianna – from the blue blue cloudy sky to the graceful deer just outside your door.

  16. I didn’t see any deer, so you’ve got one up on me when it comes to eventfulness. 🙂 Smithfield Station shines under that dark cloud. Glad the rain didn’t interfere with your plans. Is your ear all better?

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    A good week but nothing very eventful. The deer are beautiful and so is the picture at Smithfield Station. We were out for dinner last night also, but thank the Lord we were in before the heavy rain. Enjoy your weekend, Dianna.

  18. Beautiful pictures! I’m glad the deer are safe in your neighborhood. They are such beautiful creatures.

  19. I love seeing your photos and enjoy your appreciation for the beauty that surrounds you. What a gift for me to destress after a long week of working, by having the opportunity to see such beauty in the animals and landscapes that you photograph and share. Thanks for sharing with so many of us.

  20. Last two pictures are beautiful Dianna. Hunting season starts the 15th here, we have already heard shooting. We will hunker down, don’t feel safe out and about when the hunters are all eager to get their deer. It was a boring week for us this week and for that I am glad! Enjoy your weekend!

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