Random Five Friday

Since it’s Friday, here are five random thoughts:

1.) Fire on the water? No, just the early morning sun, peeking under the clouds last Sunday.

fire on the water 11-16-2014 7-28-05 AM

2.) Today is my friend, Doris’s, birthday. Happy Birthday, Doris! I’m looking forward to celebrating with you next week.

doris 6-6-2014 1-14-22 PM

 3.) Bride and Groom swans made a brief appearance here yesterday.  It’s probably been two months since we’ve seen them, and no, they didn’t divulge any info about where they’ve been.

4.) There’s a story behind this picture, and I’ll share it in a blog post next week.  Any guesses?

db 11-20-2014 1-52-36 PM

5.) With the holidays approaching, I may be taking a day off from blogging here and there.  So if you’re a regular reader, and there’s no post, not to worry.

Feel free to share your randoms. Happy Weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

20 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Happy Holidays, Dianna. Looking forward to hearing about the last photo.

  2. Happy Birthday to your pal, Doris…she looks like a sweetheart. 🙂 I wonder where the Bride and Groom have been?

  3. Great picture of Doris…she gets better every year! Please don’t make us wait too long about the last picture! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Motor Man!

  4. You are obviously shoveling for sea glass and/or shells???!
    Good Morning!

  5. Random – Friday came a day early this week – for me! Well, maybe I had 2 Wednesdays and didn’t realize it! Love the ‘fire on the water’.

  6. Your Rndom Fridays are always interesting. The swan pair are being very mysterious! By the seashore can only mean sea glass.
    A very happy birthday, Doris!

  7. Happy Friday! We made it 🙂 and happy birthday to your buddy!

  8. Glad the swans showed up for a visit…I know you worry when you don’t see them. Hope your friend Doris has a grand birthday………..AND, I know what you’re up to in that photo – your latest “addiction” – shelling at the beach!!

    Hugs, Pam

  9. Happy Friday, Dianna. I’m with the other girls, surely you’re in search of shells or glass? Or maybe you lost something?

  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes. You are so special. Loved the shelling picture and since it has been in the 30’s I’m sure you were dressed for the weather.

  11. You are looking for the next greatest treasure washed up on shore! 🙂 Hope you find it.

  12. Glad to hear the swans paid you a visit ….
    & I’m pretty sure I know what you’re up to in that pic!-
    & Happy Birthday, Doris !!

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Happy Birthday to Doris, enjoy your time together. I love the picture of you looking for sea glass and shells. The way the picture was shot you look like a hairy person with sunglasses on. lol Have a good weekend.

  14. You look mighty cold in that last shot…. whatever it is you were looking for, I hope you found it! 🙂

  15. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Dianna! 🙂

  16. What a nice way to celebrate — posting her in your blog. Happy Birthday Doris!

  17. Happy Birthday to Doris! You look like you are glass hunting 🙂 gorgeous picture! Have a fantastic week-end.

  18. i like the cousin itt look! 🙂

  19. Great sunrise peeking through where it may.

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