The News Story That’s Stayed With Us

Friday, Motor Man and I were having a quiet evening at home. As I was reading that day’s newspaper, I saw an article about the fear of flying. I shared with Motor Man that, in 2014, 992 people died in plane crashes, while 1.24 million died in traffic accidents. (He’s always reminding me of those statistics when we have an upcoming flight, since I don’t like to fly.)

Just a few minutes later, he walked by the computer, and sat down to check one of his favorite web-sites:, a radio communications site where you can listen to scanner frequencies all over the world.

When he clicked on the “Top Audio” link, he saw that something was happening in Kentucky.  He soon learned that there had been a small plane crash, and a seven year old girl had survived and walked to a nearby home for help.

We listened as first responders desperately tried to locate the wreckage. A helicopter was requested, but severe weather in the area prevented it from being launched to help in the search. As we listened, we learned there were four other passengers on the plane, and we hoped for the best. We probably listened that night for nearly two hours.

Saturday morning, I googled tv stations in that area, and discovered that, sadly, the little girl was the only survivor of the plane crash. Because we had listened as the event unfolded, we just haven’t been able to put this tragedy out of our minds.

The victims’ names were soon released. Was it wrong of me to search, on Facebook, the name of the little girl’s mother? I discovered a seemingly happy family, with photos of holiday celebrations and school events.  Was I wrong to type in her dad’s name? From his page, I could see that he liked cats and shared inspirational quotes. And … haunting photos shared just a few days earlier of him piloting a plane with two young girls seated in the background.

This little girl – a stranger to me – was never far from my mind through the entire weekend. And, as often as Motor Man mentioned the crash to me, I can say that he feels the same way.

I’m sure there are millions of people who are praying for that family, and wishing they could just give that little girl a hug.

 Count Motor Man and me among them.

*The news story and names of the victims and survivor are public information now, but out of respect to them, I’m not linking any of that to my post today.

~These Days Of Mine~

18 responses to “The News Story That’s Stayed With Us

  1. Such a terrible tragedy. And even more so, because this little girl has to grow up without her family. She is such a brave child to have walked so far in the cold and dark, especially after she knew her family was gone. May God protect and comfort her.

  2. Very sad. But as June says.. such a brave child. I am thinking you found some comfort in knowing that they were a happy family and your search and what you found gives me some comfort too. I heard reported that she is with her family and my hope is that they help her get through this tragedy. I am thinking I know more than one reason now why you clicked “like” on the cat photo on my FB. I just told CH about the site that MM monitors. CH is checking it out now. We have a scanner for local activity here but it has never been set for where we are now. It would be great if we could hear what is going on around us. Thoughtful post Dianna.

  3. It’s a small world, Dianna, as you relate MM has access to radio communications. I can understand your being drawn into the story, praying for the little girl, her family and any other survivors right away. Facebook has the ability to make tragic victims more real than a number or name reported in the news. Thank goodness the little girl was able to walk away and find help. It’s a miracle. May we all wrap her and lift her up in prayer at this time. You and MM are so caring to follow the story beyond the facts.

  4. Olde Towne Photos

    I have been a SWL for years and have enjoyed (?) up-to-the-minute reports of events world-wide as they unfolded, long before they hit the news media. It amazes me how personally involved I become, especially if it’s tragic or close to home. It’s not snooping when you want to know more about the people involved and maybe you can help or say a special prayer. Thanks for caring.

  5. That’s so very tragic. I always find it hardest when children are involved. Especially if they are close to the age of someone I know.

    I can’t imagine how much this poor little girl’s life has changed.

    My thoughts are with her


  6. Sending prayers.

  7. I just read about that story last night in the Sunday edition of our city newspaper. Any loss of life is such a tragedy and affects us in a profound way even if we don’t know the family. It just shows us yet again how fragile life is and that we should take time each day to be thankful for it and our families. I can’t imagine that dear little 7-yr-old being the sole survivor of that crash and walking so far to find help. I too pray for her but I can’t help but think God has some amazing plan for her life.

  8. I think it is a reminder to all of us that there are tragedies going on everyday and to be thankful for our health and happiness. It can strike at any time or place. So try to live life to the fullest and share your happiness and good fortune to those in need. We all could be on the receiving end at any time.

  9. I was amazed by the bravery of the little girl also and pray for her.

  10. Such a brave little girl……….imagine leaving behind a plane full of dead family members to find help. Seven is so young to experience such tragedy. Bless her heart……….


  11. She’s amazing.. barefoot, alone, with the memory of what just happened – and through that terrain ? She was meant to make it out.

  12. It’s extremely upsetting, isn’t it? I was unnerved all evening over it because we had just flown ourselves in the small plane my husband pilots. All the statistics in the world can’t make the horrifying reality of what was going on in that plane – or the AirAsia flight – any easier to deal with.

  13. I heard her father had taught his family survival skills. I doubt he ever imagined his daughter would need those skills.

  14. Saw this on the national news tonight. What a survivor that child is and awesome she remembered what her father taught her in that she tried to light a branch from the wreckage to use as a torch for light. Also that she knew enough, in her obvious shock and fear, to go towards the light…As we all should. 😉

  15. These are the events that stick with us. And when some thing like what happened with you and Motor Man, it makes it more personal and more heart wrenching. we send you love

  16. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to the little girl. I can’t imagine the little girl’s heartbreak. Truly a tragedy.
    I don’t think it was wrong to search for the family because you did so out of compassion and caring.
    I think you & MM will always feel a strong connection to this.

  17. It is such a sad story. I know it is a miracle for her to survive; but I wonder also about how she will cope with being the only survivor. Hopefully, her young age will help with that? You were searching out of compassion; no harm done. Sometimes, with the right intentions (like yours), it can help you pray because it puts a face on your prayers.

  18. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Chuck and I saw this on the news and in the paper. A very sad but brave story of this precious little girl. Our heavenly Father was truly with her and will continue to be with her.

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