Unrest In The Swan World

As I mentioned last week, the “juvenile” swan is becoming a regular visitor. And, I think I can safely say that it is a male. And that, although we didn’t know for sure when we named the black swan “Groom”, we apparently were right on the money with that one.

As far as we can tell by looking out the window, all three swans get along fairly well as long as food isn’t involved. As soon as I go out with bread, however, young swan’s welcome is quickly cut short.

This was last week, when Groom was attempting to shoo away the newcomer.

swan fight 12-29-2014 3-25-11 PM

Sunday morning: and although this is not a good picture, you get the idea.

groom chasing swan 1-4-2015 7-36-28 AM

The one who didn’t get the idea, however, was the young swan. Again and again, Groom would chase him to the far end of our yard, and when Groom turned around to come back my way, the “young’un” was right behind him.

 young following groom 1-4-2015 7-40-14 AM

I do wish they could make peace. I keep telling them that we have plenty of bread for everyone.

young swan1 1-4-2015 7-42-27 AM

Meanwhile, Bride Swan muttered: “Men!”…..

bride 1-4-2015 7-39-33 AM

….and, while they unsuccessfully attempted to settle their differences, she helped herself to all the bread!

~These Days Of Mine~

18 responses to “Unrest In The Swan World

  1. HA! Bride Swan is right…….”boys will be boys” but she certainly was the only one who made out well from the little “argument” because she got all the food!

    p.s. I do think the young swan is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Oh my! These Days of Mine was kind of like tuning into Days of Our Lives today. I do hope they work things out.

  4. I agree with Pam that the young swan is beautiful. Do you think that possibly the young swan is Bride and Groom Swan’s kid or do you think that you would have seen them? It seems to me they were absent from your place for an extended time. Fourth picture is very pretty!

  5. Bride is definitely the smart one. The cygnet is a nice looking creature and I’ll be interested to see more of him as he grows up. I know that the cygnets of black swans are usually greyish until they are nearly grown but I’ve not seen the white ones as juveniles. He is certainly not an “ugly duckling” anyway.

  6. Young swan is certainly handsome. Oh, Bride Swan is a smart cookie (or ‘breadie’?) since she gobbled up the goodies while the men postured over it. Tee-hee.

  7. While boys will be boys, our girl just took advantage of those male egos and helped herself!!

  8. Beautiful cygnet. While my experience with swans isn’t extensive, I’ve never seen the coloration of this one – I’m loving it.

  9. It never ceases to amaze me how aggressive birds are towards one another especially when it comes to food. We saw that when we went on the eagle photo shoot on the James….they would fight each other to the death for their territory. I’ve heard swans can be that way too and this is proof!

  10. Caught in the act! Acting like a jealous guy. Black swan better beware. The new guy looks much bigger than him!

  11. So funny! Wonderful story, too 🙂

  12. Such a striking pattern on the ‘new one’ … !
    It’s too bad they can’t get along with each other…
    We’re seeing sort of the same thing right now in the cat world…
    So annoying when territory is involved.. but I guess it always is !

  13. Juvenile swan is beautiful. And he certainly is persistent. Way to go Bride Swan. That will teach them!

  14. oh, dear. too much testosterone on the water!

  15. Bride swam is not only beautiful but wise too. lol
    I hope someday the 3 get along and make a happy flock. 🙂
    Great action photos.

  16. Bride Swan is no dope! 🙂

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Groom Swain is marking his territory that’s for sure. Maybe Groom and Bride will adopt him at some point lol

  18. I hope the juvenile isn’t scared off by the Groom’s territorial display. I’d like to watch him grow up. Bride Swan is a smart girl!

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