Random Five…Thursday?

Random Five is early this week!

1.) This was our snow on Tuesday morning. Yes, I can hear all my northern friends laughing from here. And, thankfully, the street was just wet, not icy.

snow 1-27-2015 7-37-24 AM

2.) Yesterday, I received quite a special, thoughtful gift in the mail.  My dear blogging friend, Pix, sent me this beautiful necklace (which she had custom made for me). And she had written a sweet message in this beautiful card.  Thanks again, Pix; I love it!

card and necklace 1-28-2015 3-26-15 PM

3.) Recently, I was contacted by a young woman who had read my post about the yearbooks, purchased on E-bay, from my alma mater. It seems that her grandfather had been the high school principal at that school during the late fifties. He was no longer there when I was in school, but my sister remembered him well.  She shared several stories with me of her memories of him as principal, and I, in turn, forwarded those to his granddaughter. And she shared them with her father. Just another reason I love blogging.

yearbooks 7-30-2013 3-27-28 PM

4.) You may recall this photo that I shared a couple of weeks ago.   There’s sad news in our area this week: a 75-year old fisherman left out of this harbor (in a smaller boat than these) late Monday afternoon. His boat was found capsized later that evening, but as of this morning, his body hasn’t been found. This is just a few miles upriver from where we live.

tb 1-11-2015 2-35-27 PM

5.) Wondering why it’s R5T this week, rather than R5F? I won’t be posting tomorrow;  Motor Man and I will celebrate our anniversary on Monday, and there just may be a long weekend in our immediate future.

orig ringbearer-1

One of my favorites: Motor Man, before the ceremony, keeping my wedding ring safe on his pinkie.

 Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

17 responses to “Random Five…Thursday?

  1. Happy Anniversary to two lovely people! I pray you have many more to come!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy. That last picture is fabulous. I love it.

  3. What a gorgeous gift from dear Pix……perfect for you! So sad to hear about the fisherman whose capsized boat was found…very distressing for everyone and I feel for his family. Hope you and MM have a lovely getaway, and that the weather doesn’t keep you from loving every minute of your adventure. That photo of him with your wedding ring is adorable!


  4. Happy Anniversary! Celebrate well! 🙂

  5. That picture of Motor Man with your wedding band on his little finger makes me a bit teary… very sweet. Happy Anniversary Wishes to you both a bit early. Hope you enjoy your long weekend. The yearbook story is pretty cool… blogging opens up all sort of avenues for us to meet people and hear their interesting stories. You are very welcome Dianna… just a small thing to thank you for being you and to express my thanks for the thoughtful things you have done for me.

  6. I enjoyed sharing my memories of my high school principal with you so you could share with his grand-daughter. Especially since she never knew him.
    I absolutely love the picture of your ring on MM’s pinkie. I’d completely forgotten about that. Enjoy your anniversary get-away!

  7. MM holding your ring on his pinkie is my favorite – so precious. Happy Anniversary to a special couple. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. I agree with Pix. I teared up the instant I saw that pinkie photo. What a priceless image!! Happy Anniversary.

  9. Happy Anniversary to you and MotorMan! I LOVE that last photo. And your randoms are, as always, interesting and beautiful.The lost fisherman story is so very sad though.

  10. Aw…that Pix, she’s a gem! Happy Anniversary, Dianna. I love that picture too!

  11. First of all, many blessings for a Happy Anniversary! And that photo of MM — priceless and oh, so sweet, it does invoke tears. Yes, I’m laughing at your snow, sorry. But I’m smiling at the beautiful gift you received from Pix, so very special. And encouraged by the way your blog reaches out to so many folks (the yearbook thing). And now, sad at the lost fisherman. You’ve just taken me through a gamut of emotions with your random posts. 🙂

  12. i’m sorry about the fisherman. bless his family…

    happy early anniversary to you! and that sweet pix is a fine friend to send you such a perfect gift!

  13. Happy Anniversary! Such an adorable candid photo, the one of MM. Love how our blogging world helps bring people together and make stories bubble up like with #3. Pix is such a sweet one with her thoughtfulness. Lovely gift.

  14. I like the “R5T” twist this week !
    The ‘ring’ pic has always been of my favorites, too !
    Have a good weekend, and Happy Anniversary!

  15. Excellent random 5!
    Happy Anniversary!

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wonderful R5T! Wishing you and JR a great trip and a Happy & Bless Anniversary! ❤

  17. That’s a pretty snow scene. Just how I like it! (none on the road) I’m glad the photographer snapped that photo with the ring. Love it. What a beautiful card and necklace! It’s perfect for you. Sorry to hear about the missing fisherman.

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