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There Is Love

Today, Motor Man and I celebrate our 13th anniversary. This will be our fifth anniversary since I began blogging, so I’ve shared quite a bit about our wedding in previous posts. But here are a few little details that may be new to some of you.

Motor Man proposed in November, 2001. We knew we’d have a small wedding that wouldn’t take a lot of planning, but we both agreed that we wanted to wait until after the holidays. When we began looking at dates and realized that the first Saturday in February would be 02-02-02, that clinched it;  Motor Man knew that, with that date, he could never forget his anniversary.

Weddings weren’t encouraged at that time at historic Bacon’s Castle (due to space limitations), but we were given special permission because of my family connection to the property. The ceremony took place in the room known as the “ladies chamber”. My aunt Martha was married in that same room on Christmas Day in 1935.


Ours was a very low-key wedding.  The music playing as guests arrived was a CD of piano instrumentals. That was followed by “The Wedding Song” by Paul Stookey while my sister and Motor Man’s mom were being seated.  Marshall escorted me down the aisle to Martina McBride’s “My Valentine”. (Do I look nervous in this picture? Unsure? I certainly wasn’t.  Oh, and remember the photo I shared Friday of Motor Man keeping my wedding ring on his pinkie until the ceremony? I had forgotten, until I scanned this photo, that I had his ring on my thumb.)

marshall and mom 1-31-2015 3-00-33 PM.bmp-001

This photo was taken by my dear friend, Linda, and has always been one of my favorites taken of us that day.  We were greeting our guests following the ceremony.

jrdb receiving line 1-31-2015 2-31-35 PM

Because of the limited space, our wedding guest list was rather short. But we had a reception at a local restaurant, where more of our friends could celebrate with us.


Happy Anniversary, Motor Man. Thank you for being such a wonderful hubby and making me so happy.

Tomorrow: our anniversary trip.

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