Daily Archives: February 25, 2015

His Winter Coat

Sunday afternoon, I glanced out of our kitchen window to see a deer walking across the yard. I quietly went to the garage and opened our side door, hoping that I could get pictures of him as he came around the house.

Hmmm….seems he was waiting for me. (The little watering cans are part of a “rain chime” hanging from a tree branch.)

deer close up 2-22-2015 5-06-28 PM

He didn’t seem to be too bothered by me, and continued on his way. Note the iris foliage…yes, spring is coming.

stepping 2-22-2015 5-06-52 PM

 Just look at that sweet little face.

sweet face 2-22-2015 5-07-12 PM

This may be my favorite of the pictures I took that day.

deer best 2-22-2015 5-07-58 PM

Or it might be this one…

looking 2-22-2015 5-08-00 PM

I know when he’s eating my plants this spring and summer, I’ll be complaining, but he sure was pretty, dressed in his winter coat out there in the snow.

~These Days Of Mine~