Daily Archives: February 18, 2015

Icy River

It began snowing here Monday around mid afternoon. Since we’ve had cold frigid temperatures for several days, ice was already on portions of the river. I thought it would be nice to take a series of photos from our balcony as the storm progressed.

The first one was taken at 2:39 Monday afternoon.

balcony monday 239 2-16-2015 2-39-16 PM

The next one was at 3:34.

monday balcony at 3342-16-2015 3-34-45 PM 2-16-2015 3-34-45 PM

And at 4:10.

balcony monday 410 2-16-2015 4-10-15 PM 2-16-2015 4-10-15 PM

We had approximately 6-8 inches of snow and some sleet Monday night. Around mid morning yesterday, the sun was out.

This picture was taken yesterday at 1:27.

balcony tuesday 2-17-2015 1-27-02 PM

We rarely see the river with this much ice.

The snow came, it was pretty, I took lots of pictures…..now I’m ready for it to leave.

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