Daily Archives: February 10, 2015

Seriously, Sundae?

Previously, I’ve mentioned that Sundae likes to be under her “blanket”. It’s really the only place that she seems to be completely at ease. For example, she’s always been afraid of the vacuum and runs to another area of the house when I begin using it. But, if she’s under her blanket on our bed, I can even vacuum under the bed, and she doesn’t move.

Every morning, after our bed is made, I fold Sundae’s blanket and place it at the foot.

sundae's blanket1 2-8-2015 5-20-27 PM

Sunday afternoon, when Motor Man and I came home, this is what we found. (No, Sundae wasn’t IN that.)

sundae's blanket2 2-8-2015 5-20-08 PM

We have no idea how she did it, but she had twisted that blanket like a pretzel.

sundaes blanket3 2-8-2015 5-19-14 PM

Sadly, after all that work she did, obviously, she wasn’t able to actually get UNDER the blanket.

So, Sundae, what will be your next trick?


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