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A Special Gift; A Familiar Sight

One of Motor Man’s sisters is very interested in local history, has researched it extensively and has, most likely, taken pictures of every old building in our area.

A few years ago, she had a selection of her photos printed on canvas and framed, and they were featured in a showing at a local art gallery.

Some time back, the owners of a dairy farm in a neighboring county commissioned her to take a photo of the barn, so they could have it framed as a gift for their mother.  At that time, she also had one printed on canvas and framed to keep for herself.

Last week, she gave it to me.

bc dairy 2-4-2015 11-17-48 AM

At the time the photo was taken, the exterior of the barn had just been painted with a scene featuring one of the farm’s Holsteins and her triplets (a rare occurence for dairy cows, I’m told).

If you’re a long-time reader (or friend or family), you know that this barn is located directly across the highway from my childhood home. That’s why my sister-in-law decided to give the picture to me. She said she knew that I saw the barn every day during  my growing-up years.

dianne stroller barn 6-27-2010 9-31-29 PM

Now this beautiful photo is hanging in our hallway, and I couldn’t be more pleased to have it.

bc dairy on wall 2-4-2015 11-18-11 AM

Thanks, Carolyn, for the very special gift; just looking at it takes me back home.

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