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Dendron, Virginia

About 30 miles from us is the little town of Dendron, Virginia. My main memories of Dendron include attending middle school there. My sister lived near the school at that time, and occasionally, she would pick me up and take me to her house for lunch. What a treat that was.

For all the years that I can recall, Dendron has been a quiet little town, with just one small convenience store, a few churches and a post office. (It also has an active historical society.)

But from the late 1800’s until the mid 1920’s, Dendron was a booming town due to a large lumber mill and railroad. There were numerous businesses including a movie theater, a Ford dealership, a millinery, bakery and two bottling plants.

(By the mid 1920’s, the supply of lumber had been exhausted, the mills closed and, therefore, so did the businesses. A fire in 1931 destroyed much of what remained of the commercial area, as well as a church.)

And here’s why I’m sharing all this history about Dendron: last week, my friend, Bev, and I spent some time “shelling”, and I found this bottle shard.

 db dendron bottle shard-001

Knowing that my friend, Donna, is an avid antique bottle collector (who also lives not far from Dendron), I texted her with a picture to ask what she might know about it.

She not only knew that it dated from around 1905, but she has an intact bottle just like it.

donnas dendron bottle 1905-001

Her bottle shows “Surry Bottling Company- Dendron, VA”.  I’ll need to do more research to learn what the letters “L & M” in the center meant.

Knowing the origin and date (thanks to Donna) of this beach glass made it a fun find. Just imagine that little bottle shard tumbling around in the river and sand for over a hundred years…

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