Daily Archives: February 19, 2015

A Bittersweet Smile

Today, I’m participating in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, and I chose this prompt:

2. Something that made you smile this week.

Every Friday evening, Motor Man, his mom, Marshall and I have a mother-son double date. We usually either go to Outback or Cracker Barrel. Last Friday evening, we went to Outback.

Soon after we were seated, a couple came in and were seated across the aisle from us. But this wasn’t an ordinary couple. This was a dad and his daughter. She looked to be around 10 years old.

Dad had brought her to Outback to celebrate Valentine’s Day. My first clue was that he carried a single long-stemmed rose, wrapped as from a florist.

He was dressed not in jeans, but casual slacks and a dress shirt. His daughter was wearing a dress, boots and tiny (age appropriate) dangling earrings.

Dad soon helped her off with her sweater, and took a couple of pictures of her with his cell phone.  I contemplated going over to ask if I could take a photo of them together, then decided that’s what I should do.

He was very appreciative.  I took a couple of pictures of them, and he thanked me several times.

After I was seated back at our booth, Dad took a picture of her holding her rose. Then he gave her a Valentine card.

Thankfully, the dad had his back to us, so he couldn’t see me watching them, smiling and thinking what a wonderful, loving, attentive father he must be.

My dad died before I knew him. And, although my mom easily gave me the love of two people, there have been many times through the years that I longed to have a dad in my life.

That feeling isn’t nearly as strong as it was when I was a child, but, seeing that dad with his little girl Friday evening brought back that longing….just for a little while.



~These Days Of Mine~