Daily Archives: February 23, 2015

The “Ice Tree”

Over the weekend, Motor Man’s sister told me of a “photo op” near their Mom’s house.

We’re not sure how this came to be, but in the yard of one of Motor Mum’s neighbors, a tree was nearly covered in ice.

ice tree 2-21-2015 2-38-50 PM

Perhaps a sprinkler was on at some point during our frigid temperatures last week?

ice tree 1 2-21-2015 2-39-34 PM

I think Motor Man took this next picture from his side of the vehicle.

ice tree and crepe myrtles 2-21-2015 2-39-40 PM

However it happened, it made for a beautiful sight.

ice tree close up 2-21-2015 2-49-19 PM

Thanks, Carolyn, for spotting this and letting us know about it.

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