His Winter Coat

Sunday afternoon, I glanced out of our kitchen window to see a deer walking across the yard. I quietly went to the garage and opened our side door, hoping that I could get pictures of him as he came around the house.

Hmmm….seems he was waiting for me. (The little watering cans are part of a “rain chime” hanging from a tree branch.)

deer close up 2-22-2015 5-06-28 PM

He didn’t seem to be too bothered by me, and continued on his way. Note the iris foliage…yes, spring is coming.

stepping 2-22-2015 5-06-52 PM

 Just look at that sweet little face.

sweet face 2-22-2015 5-07-12 PM

This may be my favorite of the pictures I took that day.

deer best 2-22-2015 5-07-58 PM

Or it might be this one…

looking 2-22-2015 5-08-00 PM

I know when he’s eating my plants this spring and summer, I’ll be complaining, but he sure was pretty, dressed in his winter coat out there in the snow.

~These Days Of Mine~

18 responses to “His Winter Coat

  1. He looks as if he’s nice and warm in his winters finery. Hope he found something good to eat in all that snow even if it is one of your plants. Those iris will wish they’d stayed underground with more snow on the way!

  2. It’s an amazing sight to see deer against the snow and spring bulbs popping up out of the ground in one picture. He does look warm.

  3. What a handsome little fellow. Yesterday we saw a small herd of about 9 deer way down in our woods making their way along the stream to the pond………single file……..I love seeing them against the snow.


  4. So sweet. I love all things deer. Even when they eat all the birdseed and flowers. I still love them.

  5. Our Connecticut deer are so furry and shaggy right now, they almost look like little donkeys.

  6. He seems a bit startled in the first picture.. thought he had the place to himself I suppose.. 😀

  7. I agree – pretty now – but later…………….Not looking forward to the additional snow forecast. We do our part in keeping the birds fed and are rewarded with the Red Birds and Blue Birds showing against the stark winter backdrop.

  8. Wow, what stunning photos. I’m always amazed by how peaceful they look ^_^

  9. Oh what a beauty he is and just waiting for you and your camera too! Our deer are still struggling to forage since the snow pack remains. Spring will be mighty welcome around here for sure.

  10. Three words… “right at home” .. !
    Love the contrast between the snow and his coat ..

  11. Oh how beautiful!

  12. Nice pictures! We wish spring were coming up here! 😉 Our bushes are shredded because we have so many deer!

  13. They look so sweet, but they are so destructive!

  14. Aw what a charming fellow. I love deer even when they’re eating my plants. lol Congratulations on the iris foliage. I’m just blown away by how much snow you all got. Our snow is gone, but the threat is still in the forecast for freezing temps to continue making us miserable for awhile. Keep warm. 🙂

  15. *Beautiful specimens* Thanks so much for sharing these dolls. I wonderful opportunity that I am happy you shared with us!

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Lovely pictures.

  17. So pretty! Great captures. I’ll have to see if my irises are peeking out of the snow!

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