One Little Sign Of Spring

Snow has been “flirting” with us for the past week or so. We’ve had a couple of snowfalls,  both amounting to a couple of inches or less. And that suits us just fine; just enough to look pretty for a little while and then be gone.

cedar 2-12-2016 3-45-02 PM

While it was snowing, I went out to take pictures.  I find photographing snow a little tricky, but so pretty when you happen to hit it just right.

fence 2-12-2016 3-46-12 PM

Once it stopped snowing, I happened to look out toward the marina: the skies were still gray, but somehow the reflections were vivid.

marina reflections 2-12-2016 4-49-58 PM

So, enough of winter; it’s time for spring. And……

jonquils 2-12-2016 3-47-26 PM

….she appears to be on her way.

~These Days Of Mine~


13 responses to “One Little Sign Of Spring

  1. It is time for spring for sure! We luckily missed most of the ice storm and wintry mix this past week that was predicted and today it looks to be a sunny and warmer day. I am all for that!

  2. She can’t arrive soon enough for me! We’ll be close to 70 this weekend, but back in the 40’s by early next week. I’m trying to practice patience. 🙂

  3. YES! Ready for Spring! We’ll get a tease the weekend. As long as the sun shines, it will be good.

  4. Your spring will definitely arrive before mine. We are still snow-covered and have been for much of this month AND it’s snowing again today! Oh well, spring WILL come eventually.

  5. We planted new tulips and daffodils last fall and now we have a foot of snow over the sprouts.. surely there are some under there somewhere… I am really longing for spring!!! Loving yours!

  6. Well we have NO signs of Spring around here yet……and I might add if the tops of my tulips and daffodils were showing, the “critters” would munch them anyway and I wouldn’t enjoy those early signs of Spring!!


  7. I love that tree. You can sure see which way the wind blows over the years. I’ll take snow anyday over this messy rain! The dogs love the snow and wet feet are easier to clean up then muddy feet. Yuck. Come on sunshine!

  8. I’m ready too .. but I agree that the past couple of snows have been the good kind: the kind that don’t overstay their welcome !
    & I love shots of the ol’ tree out on the point !

  9. We have tiny green sprouts… not as brave as your green 😀 Love the marina picture with boats in the slips! Tree is cool too!

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Hello Spring! Can not wait to say that! Nice pictures.

  11. I hope the old-wives-tale is true and that’s the one time (the last time this winter) that snow falls on your daffodils for the season.
    Your photos are lovely, I’d say you caught the snow timing perfect. Your marina photo looks like an enchanted painting.
    My daylilies were growing well and I’ve several photos of their green peeking out from the snow. I’m hoping they didn’t get bit-back too bad.
    Happy Spring!

  12. Lovely post- Happy spring! I have just done a winter favourites on my blog if you want to check i tout! 🙂 Love the pictures!

  13. I saw bits of green peeking up from our irises!

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