Twelve Days

My mom was from a farming family, so she had many favorite sayings associated with the weather. One of those was: “April borrows twelve days from March”.

That seems to be the case this year.  We’ve had cool temperatures, strong winds, rain and even a little snow and sleet in the past week.

Last Thursday, Motor Man and I were returning home from a little drive just around sunset.  We saw storm clouds in the distance.

first1 4-7-2016 7-12-09 PM

Motor Man drove me out on “the point” in our side yard, so I could take some pictures.  I told him that he could go on to the house if he wanted, that I would just come in later.

He said that he’d stay,  we could just sit in the vehicle, and I could get my sunset pictures.

Things began to change rather quickly.

sunset and clouds 4-7-2016 7-13-35 PM

The sky darkened, the wind “picked up”…

sunset2 4-7-2016 7-22-47 PM

…and the rain came. Suddenly.


That Motor Man is so smart.  There would have been no way I could have made it to the house before that quick shower.

Many of our friends posted pictures of a rainbow that evening on Facebook.  We kept watching for one, but didn’t see it.

Hopefully after tomorrow, April will be done with March days, and we can get on with spring.

~These Days Of Mine~

13 responses to “Twelve Days

  1. I had never heard the borrowing 12 days from March expression, but I do know if all you have to talk about is the weather, this April has given you a wealth of conversational gambits! Love your encroaching storm pictures. Glad Motor Man offered shelter!

  2. Good thing MM waited for you! Today is rainy here but tomorrow is supposed to be a much prettier and warmer day. I hope so – I’m soooooo “over-ready” for Spring!


  3. April has been chilly so far. I hope we get to enjoy some spring temperatures and not go straight into hot and humid. Beautiful photos!

  4. I think April has ‘borrowed’ days from winter in our neck of the woods. Cold, cold, cold with snow on the ground. A couple of inches on Saturday morning. Weird because we had temps near 70 not long before. Glad MM convinced you to stay in the vehicle to get those great shots.

  5. Never heard that saying before, but it is definitely true this year. Hope it’s not more than 12. Your storm pictures are beautiful.

  6. I think I overheard one of our customers use that expression not long back.. but this is only the 2nd time I’ve heard it …
    Love the progression here .. & like I said when you sent it, the one with the raindrops is great !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Chuck’s new saying is that we are the only ones that can have the 4 seasons in one day or week, What ever come first!! Lovely pictures, Dianna, and JR will always watch after his bride.

  8. Rainy yesterday but we have sun today. Now if the wind would stop being all gusty it would be wonderful! April has been kind of fall-ish around our bit of country… chilly and lots of wind.

  9. Hi Dianna, wonderful blog, the pictures you took were incredible! April is a truly beautiful month.

  10. I’ve never heard that saying but it definitely fits the weather we have been having this month!

  11. I love the oncoming storm photos Dianna!

  12. I’d never heard the saying about borrowed days. You got some great shots. That MM knows his stuff! Glad he saved you from melting.

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