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Ten Things My Mother Taught Me


Today’s post is my entry for this week’s Mama Kat’s writing workshop. I chose the topic: (surprise!) ten things my mother taught me.

1. My mother taught me how to crochet when I was no more than ten years old.
She gave in and taught me because I sat on the arm of her chair whenever she’d crochet. I was never interested in learning cooking or cleaning; Motor Man will confirm this fact.

2. My mother taught me how to drive. My dad died when I was a baby, so that job fell to my mom. 

3. My mother taught me to be a person of my word. With money being in short supply around our house, my mom had small charge accounts at the little country store in our town, as well as the hardware store, the pharmacy and department store in the larger town a few miles away. Those storeowners knew they could depend on her to pay on her account regularly.

4. My mom taught me to be kind to everyone, especially the elderly. There were several older folks in our little town. I remember my mom spending time with them, and I remember her patience.

5. My mother taught me to say please and thank you. To everyone. Every time. No exceptions.

6. My mother taught me to brush my teeth in the morning BEFORE dressing for the day. That way you don’t have to worry about toothpaste on your clothes. Even today, if I forget to do this, I think about her as I’m (carefully) brushing my teeth.

7. My mother taught me not to ask personal questions. I remember this lesson well. I was probably around six years old, and we were visiting my sister. A teenage girl who lived down the block was walking by, and I asked her where she was going. My mom (gently, but firmly) told me that I shouldn’t ask that; it wasn’t any of my business.

8. My mother taught me the importance of family. Being one of twelve children, this was a lesson she learned early in life.  Daily visits to my grandmother (who lived nearby) were the norm. And the annual family reunion was not to be missed.

9. My mother taught me pride in a good job. She didn’t teach me to be a perfectionist, but to do a job in such a way that I could be proud of it.

10. My mother taught me to love.  And she did it without even trying.

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