Daily Archives: March 3, 2011

USS Retired


A few years ago, we spotted an old boat in a yard a couple of miles from our house. It wasn’t really part of the yard decor –  just kind of cast aside over near a commercial parking lot.  Motor Man knew the guy who owned the property and called to ask if he’d like to sell the boat.

The man said he’d get back with us.  It took him about a year, but he called one day to ask if we still wanted it, and said that he’d even haul it to our house…. free!

We placed it near an old cedar tree on the “point” of our property.

I’m sure it saw a lot of action in its day, but that old boat has had a front row seat for much activity since it became part of our landscape.

 One Saturday each summer, over a hundred powerboats pass by our yard as part of a poker run. I wonder if the old wooden boat wishes it were younger, in better shape and had a fast engine?

We had a little outdoor gathering a couple of years ago, and one of our guests wanted a picture of Motor Man and me in the boat.

There are some beautiful sunsets behind that old boat,

Snows in the winter,

And a particularly wicked nor’easter in 2009. Motor Man ratcheted the boat to the cedar tree in advance of the storm. Notice how much the wind and waves moved the boat.  Not to mention all that debris that had to be hauled away. This picture was taken from the same angle as the previous two.

One of the happier occasions the boat has been a part of was a wedding that took place in our yard.

Yep, weddings are much easier on old boats than nor’easters are.