Daily Archives: March 11, 2011

Working For Peanuts


Today, my plans are to link my post to the Friday farm photos over at Fresh From The Farm. Click here and come on over for a visit.

A few days ago, I posted about an old drug-store ledger that I found which showed my granddaddy’s charge account. Today’s post is also about my granddaddy.

I wish I could have known my grandfather. He died two years before I was born. I understand he was quite a character.

Granddaddy was a farmer.  He moved the family from farm to farm, sharecropping with different landowners. My mother once told me that he was such a successful farmer that he kept getting better offers, and that’s why the family moved so often.  He and my grandma were parents to twelve children. They were typical of the families of that era: simple, hard-working and “honest as the day is long”.

 I like the peanut shocks in the background of these photos. With modern-day farm equipment, you don’t see those anymore.

I don’t know who took these pictures, but I’m sure it was someone in our family. Granddaddy probably wondered why in the world they wanted pictures of him in the peanut field.