Daily Archives: March 28, 2011

Such A Pretty Face…


….should be dressed in lace. (Quick – name that song and artist. Bonus points for knowing the year.*)

Although I took Home-Ec in school, I really didn’t learn to sew in that class.  I sort of taught myself to sew many years later. I tried my hand at making clothes, but they never seemed to fit.

So I decided to try making dolls, using patterns I found in craft magazines. Making the doll bodies was always the tedious part of the job, but I enjoyed making their clothes.

This little doll has hair made of jute, an embroidered face (complete with freckles), and button accents on her dress. And I think the little bow with the button just “makes” her hat.

The embroidered face on this doll was the most “realistic” looking of any that I made.  I recall that it was also one of the most difficult.

I also made a few bunnies. I found the lace for this bunny’s collar in my Mom’s old Singer sewing machine drawer, as well as the button that I used on the collar.

This is Raggedy Ann. Some of my friends had young daughters at the time, so a few of the dolls were gifts for those little girls. I also sold a couple of Raggedy Anns and I kept one. 

I made a few pillowcase dolls. She also has an embroidered face, and her dress is made from…. a pillowcase. She has no legs – just a head, upper body and arms.

I always enjoyed using old pieces of lace,  buttons and other notions when I was making dolls. Those little embellishments were even more special when I knew they had belonged to my mom.

How about you? What are your hobbies?

* Rag Doll. Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. 1964 (I had to look up the year.)