Daily Archives: March 18, 2011

And Our Kitty’s Name Is……


Well, before I tell you her name, here’s another picture of her.

I’d be ashamed to admit how many pictures I’ve taken since I brought her home on Monday afternoon.

I think she’s saying: “too many”.

So without further ado, her name is…. (drumroll, please):  “Sundae”.  Vanilla(white) with  butterscotch (orange),  a tiny bit of caramel (beige) and a little chocolate (brown) on top.  And VERY sweet.

 I know it’s corny.

But it really doesn’t matter. Since she’s been with us, I’ve called her “Sweet One”, “Baby”, “Little One’, “Missie” and “Kitty”. Oh, and occasionally, I’ll call her “Sundae”.  Right now, she just loves having a home so much, she answers to anything.