Daily Archives: March 7, 2011

Just By Chance


Just by chance, many years ago, I was given permission to explore the attic of an old building in our little town.

Just by chance, I happened across this old ledger, from a time when the building was home to a pharmacy.

Just by chance, upon finding the old ledger, I thumbed through it and saw my granddaddy’s name at the top of one of the pages. It was his account from 1917. My mom would have been seven years old at that time.

Can you make out some of the items? Earache remedy, toothache drops, liver pills, porus plaster, quinine, camphor, turpentine.  I haven’t had any luck researching Raymond pills.

On the second page, I see that my granddaddy also bought fever tablets, neuralgia tablets, paregoric, castor oil, chill tonic, and…….. kale seed. Quite different than the items we buy at the pharmacy these days. Amazingly, there’s only one Rx (prescription). Maybe we should try using some of those items I mentioned earlier.

The two pages span the period from 1917 until 1920.  By 1920, my grandparents had nine children. From some old family information, I know that the family lived about three miles out of town at that time, and would have traveled to town with a horse and buggy.

Just by chance, the owner of the building allowed me to keep this old journal.

I cherish it for the tiny glimpse it provides of my family’s life nearly a hundred years ago.