Daily Archives: March 23, 2011

Signs Of The Season


Somewhere there’s probably someone who doesn’t like spring. But I don’t think I’ve met that person yet. Although some folks probably aren’t too happy about the effect of the pollen on their allergies.

There’s something to be said for each of the seasons, but springtime is just special.

My hanging pansy baskets made it through the long winter. There were times I had my doubts, but with the warmer weather, they’ve come back to life.

I usually have a difficult time deciding which pansies to buy in the fall. There are so many colors! But when I saw these “citrus mix”  at the nursery, I knew they were the ones. I don’t recall ever having pansies return this beautiful in the spring.

Candytuft is beginning to bloom.

And, of course, the daffodils are putting on a show.

These are the pansies in the flowerboxes on our deck.  Even though they seem dormant during the winter, the cold and snow must be just what they need to make a showy come-back in the spring.

Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own.
                                                       ~Charles Dickens